The director of investment Nineveh Abdul Karim Mohammed, that the city of Mosul needs more than one million housing units.
“After the liberalization, the local and municipal government began to deliver basic services such as water and electricity,” he said. “The investment authority will be complementary to what the service departments have begun and will have an effective role in restoring life to Mosul.”
He pointed out that “after the amendment to the Investment Law No. (13) for the year (2016) has been added a lot of privileges and facilities for domestic and foreign investors.”
He stressed that “the work of the Nineveh Investment Commission will enter into all joints of government institutions and all sectors that concern the lives of citizens from power and electricity and residential complexes in the field of industrial and agricultural and even tourism, noting” Initially we will focus on the issue of energy and electricity and residential complexes, “We need a million or more housing units in Mosul.”
“There is a study we are doing to create low cost housing complexes so that every citizen can own a housing unit at a simple price,” he said.
“In the next few years we need to prepare an investment conference for the province of Nineveh, funded by the province and could be held in Erbil due to deteriorating security situation.”
He pointed out the director of investment Nineveh, “There is a conference soon will be announced between the Nineveh Investment Commission and the Dohuk Investment Commission and this creates a kind of twinning and service to two regions and it is possible to benefit from investors Duhok in Mosul and vice versa.


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