Al Hamami announces the launch of new airline services including “free tickets” soon


Transport Minister Kazem Al-Hamami announced on Sunday the launch of a new service package for passengers of the airline, pledging to launch the Frequent Flyer service including free tickets, additional weights and other facilities.
Al Hamami said in a statement issued after his meeting with the director of the Iraqi Airways Miran Farid, “In order to improve the customers’ needs, we have ordered the launch of a package of services that will relieve the company’s customers.”
Al Hamami stressed that “there should be an electronic application for the company that includes a detailed schedule of the departures and upcoming arrivals and timings, in addition to the possibility of electronic booking by credit cards.” He added that “Frequent Traveler service will be launched by granting a card for each traveler given a set of points According to the travel times and through the card and the number of points are provided facilities such as free tickets and exemption from additional weights and other facilities.
He instructed the minister to “open a customer service center that includes modern systems to answer the questions and queries of passengers and the problems they face during their travel and related to the increase in weights or loss of bags and others.”
He stressed that “the obligation of the company’s agents abroad and inside to pay the amounts incurred at the beginning of each month, otherwise the agent bears all the legal and financial consequences, which may reach the cancellation of the company and put it in the (Black).”
Al-Hamami called for the pursuit of “Iraqi Airways to be the first in terms of the services provided to passengers, being the national carrier and have a great responsibility to the Iraqi citizen.”
Transport Minister Kazem Al-Alami announced on Sunday (June 18, 2017) that the Iraqi Airways development plan will include three important steps, stressing his ministry’s intention to enroll 105 aviation students with the latest international institutes.

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