Al-Muthanna Investment Corporation announced that it is implementing an Abu Mahar residential project located south of the city of Samawa in cooperation with the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Public Municipalities.
The director of the province’s investment Adel Yasiri said in a statement that the technical and engineering staff started work on the project, which includes the construction of (683) residential houses (villa) with all infrastructure services, as well as gardens and playgrounds, noting that the complex also includes primary and middle schools for boys and girls A kindergarten, a health center, commercial markets and a social and family entertainment center, as well as a swimming pool, restaurant, cafe, gardens and children’s playgrounds.
Al Yasiri pointed out that the company relied on the technology of concrete precast concrete units in cooperation with an American company, which provides a building with a firmness and durability than those in traditional buildings and thermal insulation in addition to the speed of completion of units.


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