Al-Rafidain Bank, on Saturday, extended its branches to grant 50 million loan to hoteliers, while setting conditions for the granting of such loan.
The bank said in a press statement, “The Rafidain Bank directed its branches in Baghdad and the provinces to grant a loan of 50 million dinars for hotel owners for the purposes of restoration.”
He added that “the bank has set a condition for granting a loan of 50 million to hotel owners, which is that the rate of completion of the hotel 100% to be a loan for the purposes of restoration and rehabilitation of the hotel,” explaining that “the grace period of 3 months and are repayable for installments and interest monthly after the end of the grace period directly.
The Rafidain Bank announced on Saturday (10 June 2017), the granting of loans to citizens and small entrepreneurs in dinars and the US dollar.
Over the past year, the bank has extended loans and advances to employees, hoteliers and health professionals, ranging from 10 to 50 million Iraqi dinars.


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