The Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply, Yabar al-Qudah, announced Wednesday that the total number of trucks that have been exported to Iraq since the opening of the Trebil crossing reached 250 trucks.
The judges said in a press statement that “the trucks whose goods were exported were loaded with industrial products from various sectors, in addition to vegetables and fruits,” adding that “there is an arrangement for the processing of a convoy of 20 trucks containing industrial goods to be exported through the crossing tomorrow.”
The judges expressed the hope that “the coming days will witness a large export movement of industrial products through the Trebil crossing,” stressing that “Jordan views Iraq not as a market but a strategic partner in all areas.”
Taribil crossing is the only outlet linking the flow of commercial goods between Jordan and Iraq and closing in 2015 due to the security conditions in that period. The crossing was reopened before the movement of goods and passengers before the end of last August.


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