A report on the most important economic developments in Arab and global financial, Sunday, that Iraqi exports to the United States amounted to 6 billion dollars during 2016.
The report, published by the Central Bank of Iraq, said that “Iraqi exports to America amounted to 6 billion dollars during 2016, while US exports to Iraq amounted to 1.3 billion dollars,” noting that “the trade balance recorded a surplus of 4.7 billion dollars.”
“Crude oil accounted for 97 percent of Iraqi exports, while US exports were concentrated on heavy machinery, vehicles, electrical equipment, aircraft spare parts and grain,” the report said.
The report pointed out that “the volume of exchange between Iraq and America reached 7.2 billion dollars in 2015.”
The US Embassy in Baghdad has announced that the US Chamber of Commerce has expressed interest in investing in Iraq in non-oil sectors, especially the security sector, energy, environment, reconstruction, health, agriculture, tourism and infrastructure development.


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