The Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers Mahdi Al-Alaq participated in the meeting organized by the Secretariat with the directors of the financial departments in the ministries to review the figures of the general budget in its final stages.
Al-Alak stressed during the meeting, according to a statement by the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, “the need to limit the expenses to the minimum, because of the continued decline in revenues of the state as a result of the deterioration of oil prices in the world market, stressing that the Council of Ministers seeks to reduce the budget deficit to the lowest degree.”
The meeting witnessed “a final discussion of the origin of the provisions contained in the General Budget Law, and the identification and reform of priorities.”
The meeting concluded by recording a set of observations on the legal formulations of the law and submitting them to the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers, in order to deliver them to the Council of Ministers at its next meeting.
The statement said that “the meeting was held in the presence of Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance Maher Hammad, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Planning Qassim Enaya, Director General of the Legal Department in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers Najib Shukr Mahmoud, and the Director General of the Department of the General Budget in the Ministry of Finance.


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