Iraq is trying to connect a three-way electric line through the Qaim area west of Anbar with Syria. ”
A delegation from the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity met with the Iranian and Syrian delegations at the Iranian Ministry of Energy building in Tehran to sign a protocol to reactivate the tripartite electricity link between the three countries. The linking process enables the exchange of electricity between Syria, Iran and Iraq if needed.
It is expected to connect through two lines, the first with a capacity of 400 kV and a length of 155 km, including 25 km from the station to the Iraqi border to Syria and 130 km within the Syrian territory to the station Altim, and the second line with a capacity of 230 kV and a length of 42 kilometers Through the Syrian Swedish stations and Tel Abu Zaher of Iraq.
She added that “the Assistant Minister of Energy for Iran, Hoshenk Vlhatian, that this project will be studied between Syria and Iraq in a period not exceeding one month, stressing his country’s support for the reconstruction process in Syria and Iraq, especially in the field of energy.


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