The US ambassador to Iraq, Douglas Seelman, said Tuesday that his country is working to secure an international grant to Iraq worth 115 billion dollars to finance the reconstruction of the liberated areas, and about $ 1.7 billion to raise the waste of war.
“Iraq is entering a new phase and requires a lot of work in the post-ISIS phase, which is to repair the destruction of the organization, and there are about 3 million displaced people who will be working to secure their return to their restored areas,” Sulliman told a news conference.
He added that “Washington has great confidence in the ability of Iraqi forces to overcome the post-ISIS,” pointing out that “more than 70 countries supported Iraq to eliminate the organization is calling.”
“Washington is aware that tribes in Anbar and Mosul have expelled families whose children belong to the ISIS organization, and will provide support to community organizations and the Iraqi government to resolve those problems,” he said.


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