Iraq’s Central Bank announced on Sunday the immediate reopening of its branch in the province of Nineveh for the purpose of supporting the economy of the province.
“The Central Bank will open the Mosul branch within days, where a temporary building will be allocated by the provincial council within two days,” said the governor’s adviser, Walid Hadi.
He added that “the bank urges other banks to reopen their branches in Mosul, which will contribute to the revival of the economy of the province.”
He said that “the bank will provide loans and facilities and open Sindhi credits and letters of guarantee.”
It is noteworthy that the security forces was able in March 2017 to liberate the complex of government buildings on the right side of the city of Mosul, where the main branch of the Central Bank in the province of Nineveh, after it was under the control of a calling organization for about three years.
In the meantime, the Central Bank announced that it will coordinate with the concerned authorities to prepare the necessary plans to assess the damage in order to reconstruct and rehabilitate the branch when announcing the completion of liberation and victory over terrorist groups.


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