Al-Rafidain Bank The branches that are covered by an advance grant of 5 / and / 10 / million dinars


Al-Rafidain Bank has identified the branches of the five-and-ten-million-dinar dinars for employees of the government departments in Baghdad.

The bank’s information office said in a statement: “The branches that grant the advance were identified by the employee’s electronic card. He pointed out that the branches of Baghdad are (Al-Adhamiya Branch - Al-Andalus branch in Sadr City - Al-Khadra branch in Al- Al-Firdous Branch, Al-Firdous Branch, Ashtar Hotel, Al Mashtal Branch, Al-Mansur Branch, Bab Al-Mu’amam Branch, Al-Othman Branch in Kadhimiya, Al-Khansaa Branch in Al-Kamaliya, Palestine Street Branch).

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