Basra is considering a Lebanese offer to resolve an intractable crisis


The head of the Investment Authority in the province of Basra Ali Jasab Mohammed, on Monday, with a Lebanese company the possibility of establishing a waste recycling plant in the province.

“The Lebanese company will rely on a Swiss company to implement, supervise and equip the necessary equipment,” said Ali Gasab. He pointed out the importance of the project because it will contribute to the recycling and treatment of waste and reduce it, increase the age of landfill and improve the environmental situation in Basra.

For his part, the representative of the company said that the project will be located in Imam al-Saqq area north of Basra province to provide the suitable land with an area of ​​50 donums, while the company allocated 120 million dollars for its construction. The company will recycle waste and produce electric power, industrial water and road materials.

He noted that if the project succeeds, the company plans to set up other similar projects in the district of Zubayr and the center of the province of Basra.

Basra has been suffering for a long time from the problem of waste accumulation, while the local government attributed the reason to the absence of allocations from the federal government.

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