The Directorate General for Industrial Development of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals continues to grant licenses for the establishment of new industrial projects.
The Director General of the Directorate, Salam Said Ahmed, said that the Directorate granted (37) licenses to establish new industrial projects and allocated (19) pieces for the establishment of other industrial projects, while the Directorate also gave certificates to complete the establishment of projects that met the required conditions with a capital of (935) million (8) workers as well as the granting of new IDs for industrial projects (18) projects.
Said said that the Directorate conducted an on-site disclosure of (73) industrial project, where it paid attention and keenness on the course of work within the industrial projects to know the needs of each project through the work of periodic reports by the competent technical committees and intensively and all projects in the provinces of Iraq, With the relevant authorities to prepare the tenders and send them to meet the needs of industrialists of raw materials and fuels.


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