Dhi Qar Teachers Union: Salaries will be disbursed through Master Card through the Development Bank early next month


The Dhi Qar Teachers’ Union announced on Saturday that the Dhi Qar Education Directorate will adopt a MasterCard credit card to pay the salaries of teachers and teachers from the beginning of next January through the Development Bank.
“The instructions of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and the Central Bank of Iraq provided for the need to settle the salaries of employees of the Directorate of Education teachers and teachers and payment through the card MasterCard ATM, indicating that the mechanism of exchange for members of the Directorate of Education will be working from the beginning The bank will provide a cashier to every 500 teachers and teachers distributed in the districts and areas of the province. He pointed out that the adoption of the mechanism of payment of salaries through the ATM will contribute to the process of facilitating the distribution of salaries in the specified times and Without delay, and Saidi said that the new mechanism will be applied initially to the employees of the headquarters of the Directorate of Education and then be circulated to the rest of the sections of education in the districts and areas of the province.

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