The 3rd Arab Conference for Real Estate and Industrial Development and Investment was held in the Emirate of Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates with the participation of 400 businessmen, investors and industrialists representing the public and private sectors in Arab countries.
The conference, which was held on 3-4 October, adopted a number of recommendations for the development of the industrial sector and to strengthen its role as the locomotive of economic development in the Arab countries and to activate the role of the private sector in developing and motivating youth capacities to establish small and medium industrial projects.
The Ambassador of happiness and loyalty to the Iraqi community in the United Arab Emirates, the President of the Association of Private Banks, Wadih al-Hanal, called during his participation in the conference over two days to develop plans at the level of the Arab world to eliminate the phenomenon of unemployment among young people, especially graduates, who accounted for 30 percent, The Conference adopted a recommendation in this regard urging Arab governments to invest the energies of young people in industrial and real estate projects.
In a press statement at the end of the conference, Al-Hantal expressed his appreciation for the recommendations made by the conference and his high appreciation for the efforts exerted by its organizers, headed by His Excellency the Chairman of the Fujairah Chamber of Commerce and Industry Khalifa Khamis Mattar Al Kaabi and the President of the Arab Union for Real Estate Development and Investment Ahmed Al- Secretary General of the Council of Arab Economic Unity.


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