The Japanese ambassador to Iraq, Fumio Iwai, visited the headquarters of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks to discuss bilateral relations between Iraqi and Japanese banks.
The President of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks, Wadih al-Hantal, and a number of directors of private banking commissioners, received the Japanese ambassador and the two sides discussed the development of bilateral relations, especially in the field of banking.
The Japanese Ambassador met with a group of private banking employees who are receiving training in risk management at the headquarters of the Association of Private Banks in cooperation with the Central Bank.
Al-Hantal said in his speech that “our relationship with the State of Japan is very strong and its positions are honorable with Iraq and the Arab world, so we are keen to open up to Japanese banks and companies.” The Japanese Development Cooperation Agency (JICA) has worked to develop the human capabilities of Iraqis, Water in Basra and the establishment of power plants. ”
He pointed out that “Iraq needs to develop its administrative capacity through cooperation with Japan and give a role to the youth during the current stage.”
“Japan has absolute confidence in Japanese products, so we have set up a number of projects in Iraq,” said Japanese Ambassador to Iraq Fumio Iwai. “Japan has trained some 8,000 people from Iraq.”
“We are happy to visit the headquarters of the Association of Private Banks to see their projects, and we want to establish strong relations between the banks of Iraq and Japan.”


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