Transport Minister Kazem Vajan al-Hammami announced on Thursday the agreement in principle on a number of future and future ports projects with the French company AMT.
“Transport Minister Kazem Venjan Al-Hamami visited AMT’s French headquarters and listened to a detailed explanation of the company’s vision of developing the port management and improving its performance, making it a global port and according to international standards,” the ministry said in a statement.
The statement added that al-Hammami “expressed his admiration for the French company’s expertise and modern capabilities contribute to the Iraqi ports in modern technical ways to develop and improve the management of Iraqi ports.”
The statement quoted Al-Hammami as announcing “the preliminary agreement on a package of future projects and strategic future and Iraqi ports and development.”
For its part, the French company AMT said, according to the statement, “admiration for the Minister of the vision of realistic development of Iraqi ports in particular and the Ministry of Transport in general and announced its readiness to harness all possibilities to help Iraq and develop Iraqi ports.”
Last Wednesday, Minister of Transport Kazem El-Elhamy invited experts of the French maritime industry to visit the Iraqi ports, while the company expressed its desire to rehabilitate the maritime vessels belonging to the Iraqi ports.


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