FAO representative Fadhil al-Zoubi said today that the organization is working on a $ 50 million project funded by the Global Green Environment Fund to improve water and forests, decrease agricultural land and increase dry and saline areas.

Zoubi said in a statement that “the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in the world celebrates on March 21 each year,
The aim of the celebration is to expand awareness of the importance of forests to our lives, and within the current changes that have caused damage to the environment, “noting that” damage to the environment negatively affects the human resource, food security and human health. ”

He pointed out that “FAO has organized a celebration today to bring the real partners in the state institutions,” pointing out that “Iraq is suffering from the issue of forests in several forms, including climate change through the reduction of the water quota that affected agriculture and drought, in addition to the economic crisis Which affected the investment in the agricultural sector, in addition to the terrorist acts that affected the displacement of farmers from their areas.

Al-Zu’bi stressed that “there should be programs to improve the status of existing forests and the establishment of new forests and the attention of the ministries concerned to combat desertification and vegetation cover that affects dust storms and health,” adding that “cooperation includes several ministries, including health, agriculture and water, .


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