Oil Minister Jabbar al-Allaibi announced on Thursday the completion of the drilling of well No. 3 in the oil field of Sindbad on the Iraqi-Iranian border, stressing that the ministry is continuing to invest all border fields with Iraqi hands.
He said Allaibi in a press statement during his visit to the field of Sindbad, “the cadres of the ministry finished drilling the third well in the field of Sindbad oil on the Iraqi-Iranian border.”
He added that “the results of the drilling heralds a reservoir card, providing the productive capacity of the fields of Basra.”
He pointed out that “Iraq is continuing to invest border fields, which have huge reservoirs of hydrocarbon wealth, and purely Iraqi hands.”
It is noteworthy that the field of Sinbad oil border with Iran, has been invested by the cadres of the national effort, and the drilling of three wells, and is now in the linking phase and construction of surface facilities.


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