The Ministry of Agriculture discussed Thursday with its Saudi counterpart on the fight against desertification, noting that cooperation also includes the exchange of knowledge, data and experiences on the subject of diseases and pests affecting livestock and plants.
Agriculture Minister Falah Hassan Zaidan said during a meeting with Saudi Minister of Environment, Water and Agriculture Abdulrahman al-Fadhli in a statement that “the two sides stressed the importance of cooperation, especially in the fight against desertification. This is a regional problem. Iraq shares with Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Syria the Hammad Basin project, And that the outputs of this project contribute to combating desertification, which is a real problem common to these countries. ”
Zidane added that “cooperation will also include areas of cooperation to address and exchange knowledge, data and experiences on the subject of diseases and pests that affect livestock and plants, especially transitional and common diseases and exchange of experiences between researchers and specialists in both countries.”
Zidane pointed out that “the ministry has submitted a draft memorandum of understanding in this field and will be discussed details today by the technical members of the delegation and the Saudi side with a view to reach the final version of the memorandum, which will be enhanced agricultural cooperation between the two countries, and to achieve exchange of experiences and benefit from the research and experience achieved in both countries “He said.


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