The local authorities in the area of ​​”Basiya” west of Muthanna province, said Friday that mobile networks will be operating in the area soon and for the first time in its history, after the extension of a telecom company mobile towers to the depth of the desert to the area.
Head of the regional council Ahmed Hamdan Jabr said that the area of ​​”Basiya”, which lies in the west of the country and adjacent to the Saudi border, depends on the communications of Thuraya and satellites and communication applications available because of the distance from the Iraqi cities and its deep desert site, which has been away for many years from many services, The people of the area of ​​wireless networks available, including the Zain Iraq network. ”
“Zain has started to install several towers between the Tel Na’am highway and the Basiya area, deep into the Sahara, and to the BSA area. The company needs about three months to complete its work and reach mobile and internet services for the first time.
Basiya is a small area within the administrative boundaries of Al Muthanna province, which accounts for about 6% of the country.


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