A member of the provincial council of Dhi Qar, Hassan al-Asadi, on Thursday, the agreement of the Ministry of Electricity with a US company to complete the installation of the gas station with 750 megawatts in the province.
Al-Asadi said that “the US company GE will start work in the station mid-month in accordance with its agreement with the Ministry of Electricity,” pointing out that “workers in the networks of the south-west are racing for time to complete the lifting of conflicts at the site of the presumed station, The date of delivery to the American company. ”
He pointed out that “the gas station has been disrupted for more than four years,” stressing that “the period of completion of the process of installation to enter the service will take a year and a half.”
He explained that “the expectations of the introduction of the first units of obstetric work in early August 2018 card (250) megawatts,” noting that “the cost of entering into the work of the plant from the processing equipment and installation will amount to 250 million US dollars.”
He added that “completion of the station will contribute to revive the capacity of the province by adding 750 megawatts full to it, as well as taking Dhi Qar entitlement from the steam station,” and expected “to exceed the province’s quota of processing the 1100 megawatts of energy by the middle of next year.”


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