The Directorate of Agricultural Statistics announced on Monday that the annual water revenues of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers amounted to 54 billion cubic meters in 2016.
“The annual revenues of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers for 2016 amounted to 54.75 billion cubic meters of water,” the Directorate of the Ministry of Planning said in a statement. “The annual revenue of the Tigris was 15.37 billion cubic meters, while the Euphrates annual revenues were 15.15 billion meters cubic”.
“The total annual revenues of the Tigris tributaries reached 24.23 billion cubic meters,” she said, noting that “Zab Al-Zab was the highest in its water revenues, which amounted to 10.55 billion cubic meters, followed by small Zab with annual revenues of 6.75 billion cubic meters, followed by Diyala with annual revenues amounted to 5.78 billion cubic meters and then the greatest annual revenues amounted to 1.15 billion cubic meters. ”
Turkey has built 14 dams on the Euphrates River and its tributaries within its territory and 8 dams on the Tigris and its tributaries. Turkey needs several years to fill the artificial lakes behind these dams. Syria has built five dams, three of which were built in the mid-1960s. In these releases, which are often few except in the flood season.


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