The General Company for Iraqi Ports, received on Friday, seven ships with loads of miscellaneous docked in the ports of Umm Qasr North and South.
“The vessel (PRIMA DORA) carries 1922.2 tons of various cargo docked at berth 13, and the vessel MAG PERAL holds containers unloaded on berth 21,” the company’s general manager Riyad Sawadi Shamkhi said in a press release.
He added that “the port of Umm Qasr South received the ship (AL RABEE-1), which carries 950 tons of various loads and was placed in berth 1,” adding that “the ship (SOYGAND-2) load 9700 tons clinker docked at Quay 7.
“The VENUS carries 460 containers unloaded at Quay 8, the BOMAR RADIANT, carrying 1010 containers, and the SAGITTARIUS carrying 574 containers.”


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