The Parliamentary Economics Committee announced on Wednesday that the unemployment rate reached more than 32% of the labor force, indicating that giving the private sector an opportunity will reduce the unemployment rate.
“All the indicators issued by the Ministry of Planning and international organizations confirm the increase in the unemployment rate among Iraqi youth due to security and political crises, which reflected negatively on the economic and social reality,” said committee member Noura Al-Bajari.
“The unemployment rate in the Iraqi society is more than 32 percent of the labor force and this is very worrying,” she said. “The plans and strategies that are announced from time to time aim at reducing unemployment, but they are not applied on the ground because they are stereotyped and do not deal realistically with the situation General of the country. ”
She pointed out that “the increase in unemployment rates, especially among graduates and holders of high degrees will contribute to the overall increase in the number of Iraqi migrants in search of a job opportunity enriches.”
She pointed out that “giving the private sector an opportunity to reduce red tape and nepotism can help reduce the unemployment rate and protect it by activating the investment law and translate it into giant projects that attract Iraqi workers and various disciplines and reconstruction.”


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