An Iranian official said on Saturday that a direct air link between Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan region, and the Iranian city of Urmia, would be launched and flights between the two cities would be launched.
Iranian news agencies quoted Ahmed Asadimi, director of the Iranian Foreign Ministry’s representative office in Urmia province, as saying they were seriously considering the launch of a direct air link between Erbil and the city of Urmia. Pointing out that this line will be launched soon.
According to the Iranian official, the aim of the launch of this line is to develop the tourism sector in the region and facilitate the movement and movement of those wishing to travel to the Kurdistan Region, the fact that air travel better and easier than land.
“The airway is scheduled to start operating in March 2018,” Ahmed Asadri, director of the Iranian foreign affairs office in Urmia province, told IRNA.


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