A member of the local council for Falluja, Salam al-Halbusi, announced on Saturday the direct rehabilitation of the old Baghdad-Faluja road.
Al-Halbusi said in an interview that “under the direction of the governor of Anbar has been direct reconstruction and rehabilitation of the old Fallujah-Baghdad road and the removal of all aspects of the bombing and the filling of tunnels and break with the municipality,” noting that “the works also include cleaning and landscaping.”
“The governor of Anbar ordered to clean and arrange all the entrances to the fall of Fallujah in addition to the province of Karma and Saqlawiyah and tourist city and the fall west of Fallujah.”
The Falluja-Baghdad road was destroyed and destroyed as a result of the military and “terrorist” operations by Da’ash, after being blown up by the organization before the liberation of Falluja mid-last year.


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