The Iraqi market for securities during the meetings last week, the implementation of three deals worth more than ten billion dinars, while recorded a significant increase in the number and value of shares traded in the same week.
“During the week ended 28 September, the market organized five trading sessions in the regular market and three trading sessions in the second market. The number of companies listed on the market reached 101, ), A listed company in the regular market and (29) companies listed in the second market and traded during the sessions this week shares (41) companies in the regular market and (4) companies in the second market.
“The number of transactions executed during the past week is three deals with 10,732 billion shares traded at 10,224,500,000 dinars and carried out on shares of two companies (Islamic Bank of Iraq and Nour Financial Transfer),” Abdul Salam said.
And shares traded and values ​​between Abdul Salam that “the number of shares traded last week amounted to 13 billion shares compared to 5 billion shares for the week before, up by 146.7%, while the value of shares traded last week 12 billion dinars compared to 3 billion dinars for the week before, up 227.9 The ISX 60 index closed at 587.22 points, up 0.16% from the previous week’s close of 586.27 points.
As for the indicators of trading non-Iraqi investors in the Iraqi market for securities, Abdul Salam said that “the number of shares purchased from non-Iraqi investors last week reached (113) million shares, up by (144.53%) compared to the week before, and the value of those shares (178) ), While the number of shares sold by non-Iraqi investors for the last week reached (159) million (42,31%) compared to the previous week, noting that these shares were executed through the implementation of (158) (59.96%) compared to the previous week, with a value of JD (136) million During the implementation of high also by (140.34%) and implemented through 43 transactions on the shares of 7 companies. “


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