The Central Bank announced that 14 government, private and foreign banks are participating in the process of settling the salaries of Iraqi employees.
The central bank said on its website that “the banks contributing to the project to settle salaries are Rafidain and Rashid and Ashur International and Iraqi trade and international and industrial development and Jihan and Ahli Iraqi and Abu Dhabi Islamic and Baghdad, Byblos Bank and the Middle East and the dependence of Lebanon and the Gulf.”
“This project aims to reform the mechanism of paying salaries of employees of institutions and state departments,” he said. “It also aims to pay salaries to state employees through cards issued by banks operating in Iraq and reduce the total cost of payment of salaries and the maintenance of cash within the banking system.”
“The beneficiaries of this project are the access to a bank account that enables them to deal with all ATMs and points of sale inside and outside the country, as well as benefit from all other banking services provided by banks such as obtaining loans and others.”


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