Babil province council announced on Friday the approval of Prime Minister Haider Abadi to reduce the price of electricity in the province by half.
The Council said in a statement, “In response to calls by citizens in the province of Babylon to reduce the pricing of electric units, addressed the President of the Council of Babil province Raad Hamza Alwan Jubouri Prime Minister’s Office Haider Abadi to reduce the price of electric units in the book No. (35) on 18/12/2017, which reduces the price Electrical units “.
He added that “the Prime Minister responded by approving all the items of the book sent by Jubouri,” pointing out that “the book that sent included a 50% reduction of the old pricing service and support for the poor and middle classes to include employees with low incomes.
He continued, “The book also included demands to reduce the price of electricity for the commercial sector, industrial and agricultural in support of the national industry and reduce the price of domestic product relative to the foreign product.”


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