The Minister of Planning Salman Jumaili, on Monday, the Iraqi trend towards the phase-out of oil gradually, stressing that Iraq is qualified to go this way.
“Iraq has prepared a ten-year reconstruction document covering all sectors and activities,” Jumaili said in a statement to the Saudi newspaper Al-Riyadh. “The work document includes priorities in the forefront, including the housing and services sector at an estimated cost of $ 100 billion. Loans, state security and private sector contributions “.
He added that “Iraq is planning to develop various sectors of development and the sectors of agriculture and industry will be among the priorities of our attention and that the plans are moving towards the phase-out of oil that Iraq is qualified to follow this trend because of its capabilities and potential.”
Jumaili pointed out that “there are real measures taken by the Iraqi government recently to reduce the routine in the joints of the state to encourage investors and facilitate the task of investment in Iraq.”


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