The fourth annual international conference on investment in Anbar, the largest governorate in Iraq, will be held in Beirut on April 25-26, under the auspices of Anbar Governor Mohammed Rikan Halbusi, in cooperation with the Anbar government and the Investment Authority of the province.
“The conference will attract local and foreign companies to encourage them to invest in Anbar,” Mohieldin said. “We will offer unique and huge investment opportunities during the conference and the support we will give investors and their projects.”
The conference, which will be held at Kempinski Hotel Summerland in Beirut, brings together senior government officials and representatives of large local, regional and international investment companies. A wide range of investment opportunities will be discussed in various sectors. The local government of Anbar will present a number of projects under reconstruction initiatives.
Anbar, which accounts for one third of Iraq’s territory, is a promising investment destination for local and foreign investors. It is rich in resources and has huge reserves of natural gas and large amounts of untapped natural resources.
The conference builds on the success of the previous conferences, especially the second one, which was held in 2011 in Istanbul and the third in 2013 in Erbil, and each participated more than 300 representatives of about 100 Iraqi and international companies.


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