Jordan is moving to build an economic bloc with Egypt and Iraq


Jordanian Prime Minister Omar al-Razaz stressed the close ties between his country and Egypt and Iraq and keen to develop them in all fields.
The Prime Minister stressed the need to build an economic bloc based on integration between the three countries to restore the economy of the region in light of the challenges it faces.
The Prime Minister made the remarks during a meeting with Egyptian Transport Ministers Hisham Arafat and Iraqi Minister Kazem Fangan in the presence of Minister of Transport Eng. Waleed Al Masri who participated in the General Assembly of the Arab Bridge Company.
The Prime Minister stressed the importance of reaching the stage of reducing the cost of transport in the region, pointing out the importance of the Arab Bridge Company to increase the dependence on the transport of trucks to enhance trade exchange between the three countries.
Al-Razzaz stressed the importance of taking more facilities on the border between Jordan and Iraq with regard to trucks loaded with goods, thus contributing to increasing exports between the two countries. The Prime Minister also praised the idea of ​​establishing a railway linking project between Egypt, Jordan and Iraq, stressing that this project will contribute to the integration between the three countries.
During the meeting, which was attended by Egyptian Ambassador Tareq Adel and Iraqi Ambassador Safia Al-Suhail, the Prime Minister briefed the ministers on the Arab Bridge Company, which is the embodiment of the joint cooperation between the three countries and their future plans to increase the dependence on truck transport. Over the same period last year as the number of passengers used for maritime transport decreased.


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