The first phase of the Tamkeen program, which aims to rehabilitate 50 young people who have graduated from Iraqi universities over the last three years, has ended in the labor market.
The director of the administration and training of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks, Ahmed Hashemi, during the closing ceremony of the first phase, the Association of Iraqi private banks concluded Sunday, the first phase of Tamkeen grant, which aims to qualify 50 young people who graduated during the last three years, adding that the stage The first lasted for 15 days, which was dedicated to training them on Microsoft Office programs.
He explained that the coming days will see the start of the second phase of the program, which includes training on administrative affairs, noting that the program includes three stages and aims to qualify them to get jobs in the financial sector.
On the other hand, the trainer accredited to Microsoft, Ammar Khatib, Tamkeen program provided by the Association of private banks of the important programs offered in Iraq because it supports the young people and qualify them to find jobs, adding that my role in the program was their training on Microsoft Office programs Today is a business requirement.
He pointed out that “the young participants in the program have a great desire for development and learning was clear through the commitment to sustainability and scientific discussions and duties assigned to them,” and expressed support for the continuation of the program to include the largest number of young people.


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