British Ambassador to Iraq John Wilkes said Wednesday that the presence of British companies in Iraq needed to remove bureaucracy and fight corruption.
“There is an imbalance and problems in Iraq that need to be focused on any future government to lead a country like Iraq, and the need for that leadership to understand the building of economy, governance, rule of law and institution building,” Wilkes said during a press conference at the Rafidain Center for Dialogue in Najaf. Iraq today is evolving and Iraqis today know who is good and corrupt. ”
“The participation in the elections is very important and the new generation of candidates for elections has important ideas about change in the current system and fighting corruption, and these are positive things,” Wilkes said. “The negative thing is that the bridges of trust between the main components of the Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish countries Is still not perfect and we need politicians who are able to build confidence between these components. ”
“There are two million displaced people in Iraq who have not returned to their homes and we will support Iraq in this issue,” he said. “Britain has priorities in Iraq, the most important of which is the completion of partnership and support in the military and security areas to remove the stalemate in Iraq.”
On the participation of British companies in the work of liberated cities, the British ambassador said that “British companies exist and have projects in neighboring countries of Iraq, but the presence of these companies in Iraq needs an appropriate environment through the elimination of bureaucracy and the fight against corruption and full openness to the private sector.”
On February 6, 2018, British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson affirmed his country’s support for Iraq in the fields of investment and revitalization of the private sector, while renewing his government’s invitation to Prime Minister Haider Abadi to visit the Kingdom….


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