The Iraqi General Exhibition and Commercial Services Company announced on Tuesday that the Baghdad International Fair will witness the beginning of next week the launching of the specialized exhibition for Syrian industries for the period from 9-29 of December.
“The exhibition will be organized in Syria, which is the largest exhibition for the direct sale of Syrian products,” General Manager Hashim Mohammad Hatem said in a statement to the Ministry of Commerce.
“The exhibition will include a display of products for the textile, clothing and production sectors as well as food industries, chemical industries and engineering industries,” he added.
“The Syrian-Iraqi Joint Chamber is Rasha Al-Wadi, the Union of Syrian Exporters, the Chamber of Industry of Damascus and the Syrian Local Production Support and Development Organization, which will organize the exhibition in coordination and cooperation with the General Company for Iraqi Exhibitions.”
He pointed out that “the Baghdad International Fair will witness the establishment of a number of specialized exhibitions in 2018, where will be organized by the Egyptian company Pyramids and in cooperation with the exhibition company for the period (5-9) next September, the construction exhibition (Iraq Build) and the exhibition of Turkish industries and the exhibition of oil and gas, Majd Al Aam Company for the Protection of Community Security for Systems, Control and Control for the period from (4-6) of December 2018 “.


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