The Ministry of Industry and Minerals announced on Sunday that the General Company for Electronic Systems (one of the Ministry’s companies) offered a bid of 6 billion dinars to carry out the work of rehabilitating a modern power station.
The director general of the company Youssef Mohammed Jassem said in a statement to the ministry that “many meetings were held with the Chairman of the Fund ages Mustafa Al-Hiti to discuss the possibility of participation of the company in the rehabilitation of a modern power station as it established and operating this station and training cadres for four years,” noting that ” Presented a technical and commercial offer worth (6) billion dinars after the detection of the site on the station and it is waiting to obtain the necessary approvals to carry out the work.
Jassem added that “the delivery of the last shipment of equipment and equipment for the refinery of Haditha during the month of June in cooperation with the Joint Operations Command will be the direct work of the monument, operation and training during the month of July after completion of the procedures of examination and receipt with the liquidator.”
The Director General of the company, “to provide his company technical and commercial offer worth (2) billion and (500) million dinars to equip the Ministry of Health system of warning and fire to the headquarters of the Ministry upon request, after conducting an on-site detection and the company pending the necessary approvals necessary to carry out the work.
He explained that “a meeting was held with the President of the Baghdad Provincial Council in the light of the book of the province, where the meeting was discussed the establishment of a company to establish a data storage center and archived,” pointing out that “work is currently underway to prepare a study and a special presentation of this large project.”
He added that his company “will equip the Directorate of Passports in the amount of (300) fingerprint device is very sophisticated as a first payment at the request of the Directorate in order to expedite the completion of passports for citizens.”


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