The Foreign Relations Committee confirmed that the donor conference will see the establishment of the reconstruction fund for the destroyed cities and regions of Iraq, which will be under the direct supervision of the government.
Committee member Hilal Sahlani said in a press statement that there is an international and regional desire at the level of governments, civil society organizations, companies and major investors to support Iraq and contribute to the process of stability and reconstruction, “adding that” the donors conference will translate the extent of Iraq’s success in attracting more international and regional support “He said.
He added that “this conference will be a real portal to stimulate the wheel of economic, commercial and even cultural, as well as services and infrastructure as well as the tourism sector and the entry of investors to the Iraqi market to implement various projects after the security stability in the country,” noting that “financial support and the expected loan volume of outputs Donors’ conference is not limited to money in kind only, because the big companies will offer opportunities and investment projects to work in Iraq with the availability of government guarantees. ”
He went on to say that “the government is continuing to invest the positive atmosphere for the opening of diplomatic relations with Iraq and the countries of the world and the region, which were achieved by the final victory on the advocate of the terrorist and the liberation of all areas and Iraqi territories,” noting that “the House of Representatives and parliamentary committees in direct contact with government agencies to ensure the polarization of support International and attract investments and capital funds to achieve reconstruction and the reconstruction of the national economy. “


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