The Ministry of Transport announced on Sunday that the General Transport Company assumes the responsibility of transporting passengers to and from Basra International Airport free of charge after the suspension of the company “Texi Basra”.
A spokesman for the Ministry of Transport, Laith al-Rubaie said in an interview, “The General Transport Company now takes the task of transporting passengers free of charge to and from Basra airport temporarily until finding appropriate solutions with the company responsible for the occupation of Basra Basra,” adding that ” High prices on passenger transport and non-compliance with the terms of the contract concluded with the ministry.
He pointed out that “the Ministry of Transport will meet with the management of the company during the current week for talks and the possibility of reducing prices within reasonable limits.”
On July 7, 2017, the Minister of Transport Kazem Wajan al-Hamami ordered the suspension of the work of “Texi Basra” operating in Basra International Airport, citing the high prices and “exploitation” of passengers and not to provide the required services.


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