The Iraqi Ministry of Transport said in a statement, followed by the Iraqi Economic Center, that the Iraqi Minister of Transport Kazem Vajan pigeon, announced today that the Iraqi civil airports (Baghdad, Basra, Najaf, Erbil, Sulaymaniyah) received and invited during the first three months of this year 19767 flights between the coming and departure, carrying 18,630,099 passengers.
Al-Hamami said that Baghdad International Airport witnessed the arrival and departure of 9289 trips on board 1014855 passengers, while Basra International Airport witnessed 2641 flights with 206015 passengers on board. In addition, the International Airport of Najaf received 5129 flights with 561,803 passengers. With 60150 passengers. Sulaymaniyah International Airport received 852 flights with 20276 on board.
Al Hamami added that the air traffic of the civil airports and during the months (January, March and February) was active and effective in the movement of passengers from inside and outside the country, providing all facilities to various airlines and to serve passengers.


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