UNESCO adopts Iraqi resolution to revive Mosul
The Iraqi Ambassador to UNESCO Mahmoud Mulla Khalaf announced on Tuesday, April 17, 2018, the adoption of the resolution by Iraq to revive the city of Mosul, including educational and cultural institutions and monuments, as well as schools and universities.
“Iraq presented at the UNESCO meeting a draft resolution on behalf of the Arab Group and with the initiative and support of the Director General of the Organization Audrey Ozlai, where several meetings were held with it before the decision,” Khalaf said in a press statement.
He pointed out that “all countries have expressed their willingness to contribute to the reconstruction of the relics in Iraq and to provide material and moral support during the meeting of the Executive Office of UNESCO, where Japan, Italy, the European Union, Sweden, Spain and the United Arab Emirates are ready to contribute, and this meeting is complementary to the Kuwait Conference held in February to Reconstruction of areas liberated from terrorism “.
“The projects have been launched according to the countries that adopt them, as Japan has confirmed its readiness to adopt a number of projects and Italy as well and thus means financing under the supervision of the authorities and experts from UNESCO and the Ministry of Culture and Education and Higher Education each according to its competence. Another initiative will also be discussed in the Executive Council on ( Fund A) based in Switzerland where there is a project to revive the Museum of Mosul submitted by the Ministry of Culture of Iraq with UNESCO project one.


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