The directorate of the district of Khanaqin in Diyala province on Thursday received 21 projects completed by an international German organization.
The Information Officer of the Qamqameh Yousef Ibrahim said that “the mayor of Khanaqin Mohammed Mullah Hassan received 21 projects completed by the organization of the German international relief nova,” pointing out that “the population of the judiciary beneficiaries of the projects exceeds 10 thousand citizens.”
He added that “the projects received include improving and developing water systems and sewage systems, as well as the processing of health kits for schools and camps of displaced people who suffer from shortages in the district of Khanaqin.”
And Ibrahim, the completion of these projects began in March 2015 and continues until the end of this year 2017, “noting that” the number of displaced beneficiaries of 6 thousand people a day in the camps. ”
It is noteworthy that several international organizations have completed various projects in the province of Diyala during the past months.


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