The General Company for Construction Materials Trade in the Ministry of Commerce announced on Thursday that sales of more than 108 million dinars were achieved in various governorates in June.
The company’s director general, Adnan Jassim Al-Sharifi, said in a statement to the ministry that “the company’s branches in Baghdad and the provinces achieved sales during the month of June at (108.595.030), where Najaf Branch ranked first in sales amounted to (21.524,500) dinars, The second was for the Baghdad branch, and amounted (20.655.500) dinars, while the third place was the branch of Karbala, where it amounted to (16,755,500) dinars.
He added that “the sale of construction materials in Baghdad and all branches of the company in the provinces continue, through the processing of lists of cash sales and all materials and controls and instructions.”
Al-Sharifi pointed out that “the fleet of his company achieved (737) a move during the month of June, and came these transfers within the plan of the Ministry of Commerce to transfer the ration card items from the port and silos and all reservoir complexes.”
He explained that “the transfers have achieved financial revenues of benefit to the company, estimated at (487.936.512), within the transfer of the ration card items to all provinces of Iraq, especially areas liberated from the gangs Isis terrorist.”
Iraq is one of the world’s largest consumers of construction materials, due to large reconstruction campaigns and urban projects, in addition to the construction process after sorting and distribution of land, sales and purchase and the great demand for construction.


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