The Ministry of Finance confirmed on Sunday that next year’s budget provides for the salaries of state employees, social protection, retirees, food ration cards and security, defense and health requirements.
The ministry’s inspector-general, Maher al-Bayati, said that “the ministry has taken upon itself to provide the amounts allocated as salaries to employees, retirees and employees of state institutions in addition to salaries of social protection and security, defense and health requirements.”
Al-Bayati added that “Prime Minister Haidar Abadi stressed during a meeting with the advanced owners of the ministry on the draft bill of the budget in 2018, the need for accurate review and to achieve more pressure on the operational expenses of the three presidencies and ministries and non-associated with the Ministry and the minimum to ensure the basic expenses, All employees in the state and retirees, as well as the provision of funds for the ration card and social protection and security and defense requirements.
Al-Bayati said that “the Prime Minister stressed during the meeting, the need to secure Iraq’s international and national obligations and to pay the dues of loans and continue to secure the receivables of contractors as was the focus on maximizing non-oil revenues through activating various activities and increase productivity and emphasis on activating the private sector so that he can perform his role to increase Production and revitalization of the economy “.
On the supplementary budget for the current year 2017, al-Bayati pointed out that the House of Representatives voted after it was approved by the Council of Ministers and became effective after it was published in the Iraqi fact sheet.


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