Minister of Transport Kazem Vajan Al-Hamami announced on Sunday the launch of flights between Baghdad and the Russian capital Moscow and vice versa. Al-Hammami said that Sunday will start the first direct flight from Baghdad to Moscow to announce the launch of this important line, which will enable Iraqi civil aviation to enter And opens the horizons for the Iraqi traveler in the study, treatment, tourism and trade, because of the country’s advanced scientific and economic dimensions.
He pointed out that it was agreed between the Iraqi civil aviation and the Russian civil aviation to resume the flights between Baghdad and Moscow after a break of about 13 years, praising the efforts made during the discussions and discussions that took place in order to complete the procedures for opening this line.
For its part, the Russian consulate in Iraq welcomed the opening of the Moscow-Baghdad line by Iraqi Airways, expressing the hope that this would increase the prospects of economic and trade cooperation between Iraq and Russia. She noted that she issues a large number of tourist visas for those wishing to Iraqis to visit Russia.


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