The Ministry of Oil announced on Friday that it continued to supply oil derivatives to the liberated areas, stressing the need to secure the needs of citizens and armed forces of those derivatives and the rehabilitation and opening of the outlets of government equipment, pointing to the near operation of government filling stations in two cases and three areas in the province of Nineveh.
“The company has succeeded in meeting the needs of Nineveh province and the liberated cities with its needs of oil derivatives,” said Kazem Masir, general manager of the company’s oil products distribution company. “There is a great satisfaction among the citizens as the province is witnessing the availability of petroleum products and distributing them with high flow.”
He explained that “these derivatives are equipped for citizens and armed forces and popular mobilization and hospitals and camps displaced through the processing outlets or through the mechanisms of the company distribution of petroleum products.”
“After the victories in Tal Afar and surrounding areas, the government filling stations in Tal Afar, Badoush, Kairouan, Mahlabiya and Tel Abtah will be operated within the next few days after being rehabilitated for terrorist acts by terrorist gangs, Fuel “.
On the other hand, the Director-General said that “in accordance with the directives of Oil Minister Jabbar Ali Al-Allaibi and through continuous follow-up to recover the company’s property and rehabilitate distribution outlets in Nineveh province, 42 new pumps and meters have been controlled, as well as integrated workshops and invaluable dump pumps.”
He added that “a number of heavy cars, generators and tanks transporting products and gas, some of which were damaged by military operations, have also been returned and transferred to the warehouses of the company’s branch in the province for rehabilitation and use in processing.”


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