The International Monetary Fund announced that the price of the tariff in force in Iraq is 1%, adding that Iraq’s revenues from customs duties for goods during the last year amounted to less than 600 million dollars, noting that Iraq imported goods worth 53 billion dollars in 2016.
The International Monetary Fund said in a report on Iraq that “the proceeds of customs duties in Iraq is very small compared to the volume of imports on which the economy depends to meet local needs,” noting that “Iraq depends on a lot of foreign goods to meet its consumer needs and pay a huge annual invoice on imports Estimated at $ 53 billion last year. ”
He pointed out that “the customs duties collected during the year 2016 were less than 600 million dollars, that is, the tariff rate in force is 1%.”
The IMF attributed the low revenues from customs to the “tariff law, which involves many exemptions, weak customs administration and the spread of border gaps.”


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