Turkey saw a dramatic 142% increase in its crude oil imports from Iran in the first seven months of 2017 compared to the same period last year.
According to data from the monthly report of Turkish energy issued in late September, Turkey imported 7.4 million tons of oil, or 51.8 million barrels, in the first seven months of 2017, compared to 3 million tons Oil or equivalent to 21 million barrels in the period from January to July 2016.
Iraq has been the largest crude oil exporter to Turkey in the past three years but from January to July 2017 Iraq’s crude oil exports to Turkey fell by 20.5 percent from 5.4 million tons or 37.8 million barrels to 4.3 million tons Or 30.1 million barrels.
Last year, Turkey imported 9.2 million tons of oil, Iran 6.9 million tons, Russia 3.2 million tons, Kuwait 2.5 million tons and Saudi Arabia 2.1 million tons.
In this period, Iraq’s share fell from 41.5% to 29.7% among the top five exporters of crude oil to Turkey Denied When Iran, which has 7.4 million tons of crude oil exports to Turkey, increased its share from 23.3% to 50.9% Among the top five exporters of crude oil to Turkey.


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