Prime Minister Dr. Haider Abadi visited the headquarters of the French Employers’ Organization in Paris (MDF) and held a discussion session with the heads of major French companies.
He reviewed the progress achieved in Iraq and the victories achieved by the Iraqi forces and the heroic defense of the Iraqis for the unity and safety of their country, pointing out that the liberation operations aimed at achieving stability and the start of an reconstruction campaign for all Iraqi provinces, especially liberated from them, which we succeeded to move to the stage of construction, On the government plan and investment opportunities available to French companies to develop their investments and start new projects in the sectors of oil, energy, housing, infrastructure and basic services, telecommunications, roads, industry, agriculture, environment and other areas of life To achieve an economic renaissance in which our people aspire to invest the available resources, absorb the labor force and provide jobs.
The heads of French companies expressed their desire to work in Iraq and contribute to its reconstruction according to the competencies of their companies, which are more than 25 major companies. They also presented several proposals and inquiries about investment opportunities and the labor market in Iraq, which were discussed and answered by the Prime Minister and the Ministers of the Iraqi delegation.


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