The province of Basra, the distribution of compensation amounts to farmers in the area of ​​Safwan, their land was cut and annexed to the State of Kuwait as part of a UN resolution.
“A representative committee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs arrived in the province today, holding the amounts of compensation of eligible farmers,” said Khalil al-Hassouna, director of the Safwan district. “The total amount is two billion and two hundred and eighty-three million dinars distributed to 70 farmers.”
He added that the quota of the farms of these amounts are thirty-two million six hundred thousand dinars, stressing that this committee tasked to hand over these instruments to the province of Basra, which in turn through a committee previously formed to prepare a disclosure and a record next week to distribute amounts to the eligible.
“The total amount of compensation for each farmer is 90 million dinars, of which seventy arrived and the remaining seventy on future budgets.”
It should be noted that these amounts of compensation, is the third installment of farmers whose land was cut for the State of Kuwait in UN Resolution No. 833.


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